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From Silicon Valley to Berlin

and everywhere in between...

Bring life and longevity to your idea by taking advantage of the best in technology and creativity. I am a Stanford-educated engineer turned product strategy consultant, entrepreneur and author. 


I specialize in designing experiences for customers, need-finding, researching and entering new markets and putting all the pieces in place for successful digital and tangible product launches. 


I’ve worked with clients across Europe, North and Latin America and can easily switch contexts to provide perspective for both startups and more established companies.




I work with small and midsize companies and non-profits to bring ideas to reality.


Particularly, I focus on product development, market entry, capabilities assessments and mergers and acquisitions.

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Past projects have spanned from designing stores for urban settings, launching new products or entering new markets.

As a business-owner myself, I work with clients to design solutions customized to their needs, tested in the field and actionable from day one.

I also regularly innovate in the travel space. See below!


Clients have spanned from large multi-national tech companies, to boutique venture capital firms, research institutions and startups.

If your executive team lacks anyone under 50, I can bring a millennial's perspective towards engaging emerging customer segments and using the right tools to make your team succeed.



I am a location-independent entrepreneur and consultant that spends a preponderance of time in San Francisco and Berlin.

An avid traveler, I have visited over 70 countries, lived in six across 4 continents and bring particular depth to the North and Latin American, European and Chinese markets as a speaker of English, Spanish and Mandarin.

As the owner of a small aviation software startup (Avisell Inc.), I bring the perspective of a business operator to my clients and only recommend strategies and action plans that I could implement myself in the real world. My background in technology, retail and travel gives a holistic perspective on the best tools, software frameworks, processes and geographies to deliver the best products and experiences to your customers.


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