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My skillset spans multiple disciplines -- from experience design, public speaking, and entrepreneurship to software engineering and app development. If you have an idea, product or service - I can help qualify the need, size the market and understand what's beyond the horizon.

I take a truly international approach to my work and life, living in San Francisco and Berlin roughly 50% of the year.

At home in the board room, or with your engineering team -- in Buenos Aires, Boston or Berlin -- I enjoy spanning many contexts and developing strong relationships, custom roadmaps and distilling a compelling vision for my clients. I make sense of the chaos.

I enjoy working with international clients, particularly with products and experiences that are technical in nature or have a strong consumer-facing element. The "look and feel" of the entire experience is critical to any success.

Key Credentials:​

12 Years of Strategy and Product Consulting Experience

18 Clients across North America, Latin America and Europe


M.S. Management Science & Engineering - Stanford University

B.S. Neuroscience - Stanford University

B.A. International Economics - Stanford University

Wine and Spirits Education Trust Certification - Level III

English Fluency, Functional Knowledge of Spanish and Mandarin, Currently learning German

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