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I've worked with a variety of clients across the technology, retail, travel, private equity and non-profit/research spaces and can navigate a wide variety of professional and cultural contexts.

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"Eric brought a very unique combination of critical skills to the table: a software entrepreneur, strategy consultant, a young generation product user.


He attacked the problem systematically; first working on first principles of strategy, then conducting numerous interviews with users and to-be users of the offering to understand what it solved and finally assessing the value drivers behind the design. More importantly, Eric worked very well with a team that was invested in the product.


He is easy to work with, extremely fast in cutting through the noise and distilling the most salient points, and bringing things to closure. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire a strategist with a product offering at hand or a market assessment need. He will get it done at a level that you would expect from a top-tier consultancy."

Murat Bicak, SVP Strategy - Project Management Institute

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